The Backstabbers is the seventh episode of Season 1 and the seventh episode overall of Guardians of the Galaxy. The audience for this episode reached up to 0.36.[2]


Since Ronan the Accuser has been dead, Nova Prime informs the Nova Corps that there is a power vacuum left by Ronan the Accuser's death where Korath the Pursuer, Nebula, and Gamora have been competing to be Thanos' new general. The other Guardians of the Galaxy members do not know it yet, but Gamora has come up with a plan to pit Korath the Pursuer and Nebula against each other by pretending to betray the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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  • The production was in 2014 but was later renewed.

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  • the TV guide description "Quill gets mixed up in a dangerous game while trying to pit her siblings, Nebula and Korath, against each other." is clearly wrong. Either "Quill" would need to be replaced with "Gamora" or "her" with "Gamora's" for it to make sense.

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