Hitchin' a Ride is the eighth episode of Season 1 and the eighth episode overall of Guardians of the Galaxy. The audience for this episode reached up to 0.34.[2]


While at an abandoned mining facility on an unnamed planet, the Guardians of the Galaxy are attacked by super-evolved Symbiotes. They end up running into Yondu's Ravagers who are after the Cosmic Seed's map while trying to avoid the Symbiotes. After escaping both enemies, the Guardians of the Galaxy are unaware that one Symbiote stowed away. The Symbiote ends up possessing Groot, trapping Gamora and Drax in a cocoon, and changing the destination to Hala so that the Symbiotes can invade other planets. While Rocket Raccoon goes to great lengths to save Groot, Star-Lord must go to great lengths to protect the Cosmic Seed map even when the Ravagers catch up.

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  • The production was in 2014 but was later renewed.

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