Crystal Blue Persuasion
Season 1, Episode 12
Production information
Production code 112
Story by
Written by David McDormett
Storyboards by
Directed by Jeff Wamester
Broadcast information
Original air date February 28, 2016
Ratings 0.45[1]
International dates
"Space Cowboys"
"Stuck in the Metal With You"
Crystal Blue Persuasion is the twelfth episode of Season 1 and the twelfth episode overall of Guardians of the Galaxy. The audience for this episode reached up to 0.45.[2]


The Guardians of the Galaxy get caught up with the Inhumans' Royal Family at the time when they have come down with a plague. The Inhumans must protect their space-faring city of Attilan from Ronan the Accuser as well as thwart the takeover plans of Maximus and his crystallized Alpha Primitives.

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  • The production was in 2014 but was later renewed.

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