Admin; Rollbacks and Chat Mod Applications

Hello! This is SunshineCutiePie aka Sarah, I'm very excited as I am looking for 9 admins to join the Databse. You must know a lot about the show, you need 150 edits or +, and you need to have experience on other Wikis. You can only sign up if you know Guardians of the Galaxy. Put your skills to the test too. I will choose who will be the 13 admins when I write a list. The list is below. Plz apply whenever you want. If you want to see how you can be admin right now instead of applying, click here.

List of Admins:

We need 3 chat Moderators.

We need 5 rollbacks/ we can make you an automatic rollback.

This thread will close 21 April 2015.